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Bucks Fire & Rescue Service

Free fire safety checks

Free safety checks to help reduce the risk of a fire or other emergency in your home are available from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Free smoke alarms are fitted where required, and firefighters will also help you find out more about other useful local services if you are interested.

The checks take about 30 minutes each, depending on the size of the house, and are usually carried out by firefighters. The householder needs to be present to answer a few questions.

Firefighters will offer fire safety advice, based on any potential fire risks that they may have identified during the check, and answer questions.

They will then fit as many smoke alarms as they think necessary. Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service currently fits British Standard smoke alarms with a sealed battery that should last 10 years in normal use.

To book one of these free checks, ring 01296 744477 or email cs@bucksfire.gov.uk

Community safety manager Terry Ridgley said: “When fires break out, smoke alarms provide a vital early warning sign. If the fire happens at night, they are often your only warning.”

Here are Terry’s top tips to ensure you and your family stay safe from fire:

Fit and maintain a smoke alarm: You should have one on each level of your home and test it weekly. The ideal position is on the ceiling, in the middle of a room, or in the hallway and landing. Test it weekly.

Plan your escape route: Make sure you and your family know the quickest way out in the event of fire. Consider an alternative route in case your usual one is blocked.

In the event of a fire, get out, stay out and call 999: Don’t delay for valuables, and don’t investigate or try to tackle the fire. Use a mobile, a neighbour’s phone or a phone box to call 999. If someone needs to be rescued wait safely outside for the firefighters who have the equipment and training to do it. Never go back in.

Check on others: When you visit relatives or friends, look out for safety hazards in the home. Offer to help test their alarm and plan escape routes together.

Keep internal doors shut: This will slow down the spread of fire.

Four key safety messages:

* Fit smoke alarms

* Test them every week

* Plan an escape route

* Get out, stay out and call 999
Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
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Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police
Local Notices & Initiatives:

There have been a number of thefts of car registration plates over the past few months in the village. The aim of the criminals is, for example, to attach the plates on to their own vehicles and obtain related goods and services such as congestion charges or fuel fill-ups at service stations, and driving off without payment in defiance of CCTV camera detection, etc.

Our Rural Crime Prevention/Reduction Officer, PC Christine Hammond, has stressed that "Lavendon is a low crime area. However, the theft of number plates has become more apparent since the beginning of the year, which is why we are keen to raise public awareness with a view to preventing any further offences."

One way of tackling the problem is to adopt the idea suggested in the leaflet shown opposite. It is known that the screws can be obtained, for example, from Screwfix.

PC Hammond is also keen that we all take the opportunity to sign up to receive early updates about local crime activities. This can be done by signing up to the 'Ringmaster' scheme mentioned in the leaflet below. A pdf copy of this leaflet is available by clicking here.

You can sign-up to the 'Ringmaster' scheme by clicking here.

Safer MK

Making Milton Keynes a safer place is a job that no agency or organisation can do on its own. SaferMK is made up of five key partners; Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, The Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust and Thames Valley Police Authority. We work with the community to make you safer by reducing crime, anti-social behaviour, tackling drug and alcohol misuse and the fear of crime.

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